golf tip

Make sure you’re playing with the right discs

For this first tip, I want you to understand that in order to improve at disc golf, you need to be throwing with the right discs. This is something unique to each person. So you’ll have to assess your own skill level and go from there. Not throwing the right discs can be seriously detrimental to your game. I want you to assess your current skill level. Right now, where are you at? True brand new Beginner? Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced? Don’t let your ego get in the way. If you’re reading this post, you’re probably between a beginner to intermediate player. So you need discs in your skill level. This means you want putters and mid-range discs. Check out my beginner discs post as that post in awesome and has discs for beginner to intermediate players. As a beginner, you’re going to want to skip the drivers because they’re normally too hard to throw. Intermediate players can start to throw fairway drivers but should stay away from distance drivers at first. As you progress, you can gradually work up to these discs. If you’re throwing drivers, I want you to disc down, or move down in disc from drivers to mid-range discs and putters. If you’re brand new, I recommend using putters to play with for at least a month or two. Another thing I would suggest is to learn the disc golf flight ratings or the 4 numbers on the front of a disc golf disc. These 4 numbers show you exactly how a disc is supposed to fly and can help you pick out beginner disc golf discs. Check out my disc golf flight ratings post here to learn all about how to read the numbers on a disc golf disc. Lastly, just make sure you find discs that feel good to you and that you like to throw. If you hate how a disc feels, don’t throw it. Find a better one. If you need some other recommendations, check out that list above. It has 37 of the best discs for beginners. If you’re looking for the absolute best beginners disc golf discs, I’d recommend the Discraft Buzzz mid-range or the Dynamic Discs Judge putter.