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Stretching and Recovery

If you want to really dig in to that last tip, I’ll take it even further and discuss two things that can affect your game – your willingness to stretch and your ability to recover from any workouts or disc golf rounds. Stretching before rounds can have a positive impact on your disc golf game by allowing you to warm up earlier. That could mean a better score. Stretching after rounds can help speed up recovery. Recovery after workouts, tough disc golf rounds, or any time your muscles are significantly used is basically how the body heals itself from damage done by those workouts. Whenever you use and stress your muscles, they get tiny little microtears in them. Your body then recovers and heals those tiny tears to help your muscles get bigger and stronger. Muscle recovery is extremely important. If you don’t allow for recovery or your body doesn’t recover properly, those tiny tears could become bigger and start causing injury. You can read more about why muscle recovery is important here on For an awesome post on stretching for disc golf, check out, “The 17 Best Disc Golf Stretches to Improve Your Game.” For a great post on how to recover quickly for your next round, check out, “The 11 Step Plan to Recover After a Disc Golf Workout.”