teachers tip

Learn How to Count with Your Fingers

I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck I mean by this. Of course, you know how to count on your fingers. Well, believe it or not, students in China actually count on their fingers DIFFERENTLY than we do in America. In the video below, I show you exactly how to count on your fingers the Chinese way. In my opinion, it is very helpful to know how to count with your fingers the way the Chinese way because many young students are still learning how to count. Using the proper signs will help them understand the numbers in English. I also use these numbers to help me teach the question, “how old are you?” I’ve found that many beginner students don’t understand this question. To help them understand what I’m asking, I typically say, “how old are you?” If they don’t respond, I say, “are you.. five years old? Or six years old? Or nine years old?” while showing them the different number signs on my hand. Nine times out of ten, the student will pick up on what you are asking if you use these number signs.