design tip

Design with Visual Hierarchy

There is a visual hierarchy on every page. The visual hierarchy refers to the arrangement, shape, colour, and contrast of visual elements. This determines their relative prominence and the order in which your user sees. You can achieve visual hierarchy by presenting a large and bold title at the top of the webpage, and the small legal information below to prioritize certain elements over others. Web design is not just about adding elements to your website, but also how you add it matters a lot. Web designers use a visual hierarchy, which draws audience attention to key elements. Elements such as position, size, visuals, and contrast can all increase or decrease engagement. Take a look at this chart that is showing how to attract or deflect attention. By combining aspects their effect increases manifold. Everyone will see a large video, which is high on the page. Some people will see low contrast text around images. The visual hierarchy is so that your eyes follow a certain path on every page you visit on the Internet. When used intentionally, it captures the visitor’s attention through a series of messages towards the call to action.