design tip

Answer the visitors’ top questions

They came with questions. The main job of the website is to answer those questions. Every unanswered question is a missed opportunity to build trust. Unanswered questions also increase the likelihood that the visitor will leave. When Joel Klettke applied his process finding questions and writing answers, he was able to double the conversion rates on Hubspot landing pages. He interviewed customers, analyzed their answers, prioritized the messages and in the end, he used the words of the audience themselves in the new marketing copy. Smart! Here are the questions Joel uses to discover visitors’ top questions:

  • What was happening that sent you looking for a solution?
  • What else did you try and what didn’t you love about it?
  • What almost kept you from buying from us?
  • What made you confident enough to give us a try?
  • What made X the best solution for you?
  • When evaluating X, what was most important to you?
  • What can you do now (or do better) that you couldn’t do before?
  • Give me an example of when X made a difference for you?
In one word, what is the purpose of your website? Answer.

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