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Use social media effectively

Today's variety of social media platforms have something to offer every type of job seeker. Here are some ways to effectively network on two of the best social sites, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • LinkedIn: “LinkedIn should always be your starting point, no matter what part of the job search you're wrapped up in,” says Anthony Gaenzle, another writer for TopResume. You can search by various factors including company or job title, and then reach out to professionals at those companies to connect with them. “Don't send a resume until you're asked,” states Gaenzle, but do keep digging to learn whether the company and job are a good fit. Often, the conversation can lead to an interview.
  • Twitter: “Research your target companies on Twitter,” suggests Gaenzle, “and follow any handles they have that are dedicated to recruiting so you can see when jobs are posted.” Connect with recruiters or relevant hiring managers by liking, retweeting, or engaging with what they post. After two or three interactions, reach out directly to compliment their posts and then start to build a rapport about working with them. When appropriate, send them back to your LinkedIn profile for more details. Related: Social Networking: How to Connect With Potential Employers Online