horizon tip

Invest in Stealth

If you have played games such as The Elder Scrolls V series, you may know that stealth is a useful and important skill in many games. Horizon Zero Dawn also has an emphasis on sneaking, using tall grass to hide from enemy machines and attack them with silence and swiftness. Investing in sneak for Aloy is a good move. A sneak attack on an unsuspecting enemy saves a lot of time and resources, and sometimes if you have a large group of enemies chasing you, hiding in grass can be a life-saver. There are a couple of things you can do to make Aloy better at sneaking.

  • Get sneak-related skills on the skill tree. When Aloy levels up, she gets one skill point. Some skills can be purchased with one point, and others need up to three. Purchase skills such as Attack from Above and Silent Running to make Aloy harder to hear and detect.
  • Invest in an Outfit. Silent Hunter outfits, ranging from Light to Heavy, provide a varying amount of bonuses to stealth stats. As a good starter Outfit, you should get the Silent Hunter Medium, affordable at 200 Metal Shards and 2 Watcher Lens. This outfit makes a big difference to whether a hostile machine will see you or not.
  • Hide in tall grass. At night, tall grass has a sort of sparkle to it, making it easier for you to see. Tall grass is almost always red and even small sections can hide Aloy if you crouch in it. Often, grass is located near an enemy's path (visible with Aloy's Focus) and is ideal for delivering a deadly sneak attack.
  • Pay attention to the eye at the top of the screen. An open eye means Aloy is visible, and the lines coming off the eye show how much noise she is making. Purchasing skills can lessen these, but if Aloy is crouching inside tall grass, the eye should be closed with no noise at all, making her completely invisible to enemies.