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The Last Stand

We know for a fact that there is a positive correlation between Morale and Last Stand chance – the higher the Axie’s morale, the higher the chance of Last Stand being activated. We also know that your Axie will never enter Last Stand when you need it most, but believe it or not, this is actually more than just a game of chance. As it turns out, there is a mathematical way to determine if your Axie will enter Last Stand: If (Final Blow - Remaining HP) < (Remaining HP x Morale/100) → Axie enters Last Stand The Beast Axie has 112 remaining HP, and is dealt a 160 damage Final Blow. (Final Blow - Remaining HP) = 160 - 112 = 48 (Remaining HP x Morale/100) = 112 x 61/100 = 68.32 Since (Final Blow - Remaining HP) < (Remaining HP x Morale/100), the Beast Axie enters Last Stand. Credit: Axie Explained Based on the above, you would want to get opponent Axie down to as little remaining HP as possible before dealing the final blow, minimizing the chances of it entering Last Stand. So no more finger-crossings for Last Stand miracles, only cold, hard factual math! Note: On average, players will only have a microseconds window to calculate the above, and are advised to have at least some pen and paper ready.