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Who bought the most expensive Axie ever sold?

The image above should be a familiar sight to Axie enthusiasts. We know that the most expensive Axie was sold for 300 ETH, but…who bought it? According to an interview by CoinDesk Chinese, the mysterious buyer was a Harvard University student from Beijing, China. The student, Andy, had started investing in cryptocurrency since 2017 with the start-up funds granted by his parents. He had come to learn about Axie Infinity by chance and quickly cultivated an interest in the Pokemon-inspired game. One thing led to another and as we already know, Andy would then purchase Angel (Axie #1046) for a record-breaking 300 ETH, forever etching himself in the tapestry of Axie Infinity’s history. As of today, Andy (who also appears to be a Boba fan) owns 7 Axies in total, including the famed Angel!