life tip

Explore the Great Outdoors and Gather as Many Crafting Resources as Possible

• Once you’re out in the open and not in any immediate danger, take your time collecting all sorts of crafting materials. While you’re on the way to your main mission’s location, stop and pick up everything you lay your eyes on. Once you build yourself a Pickaxe, use it to crush some rocks and collect stone materials. Move towards patches of grass to collect hemp. And make sure you cut down trees with your Axe so you can get your hands on some wood. These three materials tend to make up a lot of the items you need to craft during the early stages of your journey. The tutorial mission should give you a primer on everything you need to know on how to survive on your own. • To get an idea of the materials you’ll need in order to build certain items and where you can find those materials, click on the “Make” button in the lower left corner of the screen. Click on the “Formula Index” option so you can get an idea of every item that’s available for crafting. The “Simple Crafting” option is great for quickly producing the more essential weapons and healing items you’ll need on you at all times. Be on the lookout for firearm blueprints from fallen soldiers and any containers you may come across. Check the bodies of any Infecteds you manage to down for extra goods, too. And when your backpack is full, throw a few items that you don’t need into the special package you can leave for other players to retrieve.