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Apple Watch Tip: Use Shazam Automatically and Never Miss a Song

Use Shazam Automatically Like Android, Apple also uses third party apps to create a plethora of cool features for your new device, and some of those features were delivered to your new watch by the Shazam application.Sometimes, when you hear a great song, you just don’t want to go through the effort of unlocking your phone and opening up Shazam to find out.You can set up Shazam to constantly listen to your environment. In this mode, it will keep track of all the songs that were playing in your environment throughout the day. To activate this feature open Shazam on your Watch and press the force touch button to bring up a menu option. Then select the option “Auto-Start Shazam” which allows the application to listen to your environment, detect songs automatically and curate them into a Shazam playlist that can then be exported to Spotify for easy listening.This might use a lot of your battery power but you’ll never miss a song again.