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Chair pose (Utkatasana)

Benefits: Utkatasana helps the muscles of the arms, legs, and also the heart and the diaphragm. How to:

  • Stand in tadasana. Take a deep breath in and extend your arms towards the ceiling while keeping them perpendicular to the floor.
  • Keep your hands parallel to each other with palms facing inwards or join the palms.
  • Breathe out and bend your knees so that the upper torso forms a right angle with the knees while the thighs should be parallel to the ground. Keep your arms extended.
  • Keep your shoulders broad, and try to pull your tailbone towards the ground to achieve a good stretch of the lower back.
  • You can be in this pose for 30 seconds to one minute before coming back to normal posture. If you experience distress or pain, come out of the posture.
  • Take a deep breath again, straighten your knees, and exhale while bringing your arms back to their normal position.