overwatch tip

Choose One Map and Learn It. Then Move Forward

Each map in Counter-Strike is more than walls and objects. These locations define the game rules, behavior of both teams, possible strategies, and overall playing experience. To get better at CS:GO, you should become good on specific maps. Take a look at the best CS:GO maps. Choose the one you like the most (for any reason). Start practicing on it and develop your skills until you reach a very good level. Here are the four most popular maps to choose from:

  • Mirage
  • Inferno
  • Dust II
  • Nuke Use our guide on CS:GO Callouts to learn the map of your choice properly. Remember the names of all the internal places - it’s important for communication with teammates. Don’t allow yourself to get bored with your map. Feel free to have fun in other locations - after all, you need to learn them too. Don’t get stuck with one map for too long. Make the next step when you are happy with your current progress.