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How can I improve my spoken English in a fun way?

If you speak English as a second or third language, that’s what you probably asked yourself a few minutes ago before going to Google for help. Speaking is fun, but only in your mind, isn’t it? There’s a huuuge difference between how well you speak English in your mind and how bad it sounds when you actually speak it. And like any normal human being you want to learn. You really do, but you also want to have fun while doing so. If your kind of fun is reading until you can no longer keep your eyes open, then reading Harry Potter is what you should do to improve your spoken English. And not just Harry Potter. You can choose any book in English that does not require an advanced vocabulary. The first Harry Potter book was written for English-speaking 11-year-olds, so it should be perfect for your speaking practice. Take your time and READ OUT LOUD. Yes, just like that. It will help you hear your own mistakes and better articulate certain words. Good luck!