chinese-language tip

Get a personal tutor

If you are serious about achieving fluency, invest in a personal language tutor. Talking to an expert English tutor even just once per week can dramatically boost your progress. You’ll be able to ask questions about English regularly, discuss new words relevant to your own life, and will receive constructive feedback on your English conversation skills in real-time. It’s a highly efficient path to fluency. With Preply, 1-on-1 English lessons have never been more convenient or affordable. You can talk to a native English speaker from anywhere. There are tutors in different time zones all across the world so there will be an expert available at any time of the day or night. The unique search filter also allows you to choose what you can afford to pay — prices start from as low as $10/ hour. Finally, it’s much easier to stick to a regular learning routine when you feel accountable to and comfortable with one person in particular. Study with an English teacher and you won’t just have a guide — you’ll also have a cheerleader to motivate you to improve.