the-blue-pill tip

Run simple contests

While helpful, you don’t really need a tool like Rafflecopter to run social media contests and engage your followers. Creative brands have been utilizing the built-in features of social media websites to run simple giveaways and competitions. If you search for “hashtag contest” on Instagram right now, you’ll see thousands of posts from brands who do this. Some of the mechanics you can combine to run your own contests are:

  • Require a Branded Hashtag — Picking the winners in a hashtag contest is as easy as can be. You simply need to search for the hashtag and let the site pull up posts with loads of engagement.
  • Ask Your Audience to Upload Pictures — A common mechanic in hashtag contests is to ask participants to upload a photo as their entry. Using this in your contest will help you raise brand awareness and earn some user-generated content in the process.
  • Require Participants to Like or Share — If your content prize is tempting enough, you may require participants to like your page, share your post, or both. Including this mechanic in your contest is guaranteed to maximize the value you get out of it.