student-nurse tip

Find What Works for You

Ultimately, every learner is different – and you will need to figure out how to write good nursing notes. . Here are some other suggestions from our Facebook community – those who have been there and done that:

  • “I loved the SuperNote app when I was in nursing school.” – Lisa F.
  • “I wrote everything down. Then starred important things, then made note cards on those important things.” – Angela D.
  • “Rewrite your notes. Repetition! I graduate Friday!!” – Dionne L.
  • “Record and take notes as much as you can. Look at your notes as you listen to your recording.” – Lee B.
  • “I wrote everything… only way I really learned.” – Lynn A. If you need more tips on how to organize for nursing school, check out the related posts below: 7 Nursing School Essentials 5 Resources for Success in Nursing School 10 Study Tips for Nursing School Photo Provided By: Emma Franz, Cleveland Campus