windows10 tip

Clean out your Registry

The registry on your system is one very difficult component to handle all on your own. For those who don't know what the Registry does, keep track of your activities, and organize your Windows. It also serves as an information bank that keeps all the necessary information about the programs on your PC, files, their locations, and every other important information. Cleaning up your Registry regularly is important because it contains program settings of the previously deleted programs. Deleting a program is not enough to remove it from your PC. To remove the settings from your system's storage, you will have to remove the settings from the Registry as well. The simplest way to clean up your Registry is to download a Registry cleaner. Make sure that you back up your Registry before you proceed with the clear out procedure so you can regain data in case of system errors. To back up your Registry, go to your search box and type "Regedit.ext" and then press the Enter key to run your Registry' Editor. On the Registry Editor windows, right-click a file folder and click the Export option to backup the registry. The next stage will be to restore your Registry by opening the Editor. On the File menu, select the import button and open the already saved file. Once this is done, now is the time to download and install any Registry cleaner of your choice. After installing the Registry cleaner, you can select one or more issues you wish to resolve. The next step is to scan for Registry Problems. Click the "Scan Now" button to scan for problems. If you want a deeper search you can click the "Scan and repair button" which will automatically identify and fix issues simultaneously.