windows10 tip

Run Disk Clean up

A hard disk that is filled with too many files will affect the performance of your Windows 10 in more ways than you can imagine. One of the most effective ways to get your computer functioning at full speed is by deleting old and unwanted files. Junk files should also not be spared as they do more harm than good to your system. To run a successful disk cleanup, visit the Storage Sense in your system to launch a system cleanup procedure. Here are the steps you can take to speed up Windows 10. Go to settings: Click System and then Storage at the top of the screen. If the toggle is On, switch it off by clicking the "Off" toggle. Immediately you do this, Windows will begin to follow up on your activities and will delete files you no longer need. Files that you have not used in a month will also be eliminated to free up space on your hard disk. Customize storage Sense: Windows 10 also provides you with an option to change how you free up your space on your system. To do this, click on the button "Change how to free up space" From this menu, you can choose how often you want to run your disk to free up space. There are daily, weekly, and monthly options. Windows can also decide when to clean up your hard disk on your behalf without being prompted to do so. Delete Old Windows Version: If you have older Windows still running on your PC, it may be slowing down speed without your knowledge. Since you no longer need them, delete it to free up space on your hard disk. At the right-hand bottom of the screen, click the box next to "Delete previous Windows version"