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Killifish owners are among the largest groups of fish keepers on the globe. Why? Because the Killifish is one of the most beautiful looking species that you can get for a fresh water aquarium. There are many different types of Killifish that you can buy, but there is something common in all of them: they are all vividly colored. Almost all types of Killifish are peaceful towards other breeds, which makes them  great tank mates to almost every community fish species. However, the males could get aggressive against the other males in the tank. Most Killifish breeds are carnivores in their natural habitat. To feed them properly, you can give them crustaceans, insect larvae and worms. These should all be live when you feed your fish. Killifish require a well-balanced diet, to meet their nutritional requirements. Such a diet includes the following food types: Brine Shrimp, Daphnia, Mosquito Larvae, White Worms, Black Worms and Tubifex Worms.