get-studying tip

When you feel as if you’re about to get distracted, write it down

It’s inevitable: From time to time, you’ll get distracted during your study sessions. So you need a strategy for dealing with these distractions. Here’s a technique that works well. Let’s say that you’re reading your science notes when you get the urge to check your text messages. Instead of giving in to the temptation, write down on a rough sheet of paper: “Check text messages.” Once you’ve done that, you’ll find that it’s easier to go back to studying. During your next break, you can go ahead and do what you’ve listed on that rough sheet of paper. In this case, you can check your text messages. Why is this technique effective? Because instead of simply trying to resist the urge, you get to “take action” by writing down the distraction. In doing so, you’re acknowledging the urge without giving in to it. This leaves you free to go back to what you were doing before – studying.