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Be Smart About Orders You Accept

One simple DoorDash driver tip is to be selective about the orders you accept. This sounds straightforward, but many beginner Dashers stress too much about keeping their order acceptance rate above 70%. This is because people think a higher DoorDash acceptance rate means you always get more orders and, therefore, earn more. However, this is somewhat misleading. Supply and demand is the main factor that influences how many orders you receive. Besides, scheduling yourself for a Dash, as we’ll cover later, is also key. Additionally, you don’t want to waste your valuable time accepting every order just because it’ll increase your acceptance rate; you need to protect your hourly wage at all cost! Here’s an example of an order I’d personally skip: A common piece of DoorDash driver advice is to only accept orders of $7 or over. This is because if you can squeeze out two to three orders per hour, you’re looking at at least $14 to $21 per hour before costs. Granted, this skill takes time. You need to learn how long certain deliveries take, which routes are fast, and how to spot orders that look good but are actually a time trap. The takeaway: aim for orders with an approximate minimum pay of $7.