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Double-Check Orders Before Leaving!

If you want to make more money with DoorDash, a common theme to follow is to work for tips. DoorDash pays using a formula that includes:

  • Base Pay – Includes time, distance, and desirability in the calculation.
  • Promotions – Includes Peak Pay and challenges.
  • Tips -You always keep 100% of your tips, so it pays to work hard on the customer service front! Tips are the variable magic here, and a generous tip can transform your DoorDash earnings per hour. But, one of the easiest ways to mess up your tip is to leave the restaurant without double-checking the order! I mean, imagine how frustrated a customer would be if they paid for something, only to find out it’s missing from their order. Even though this is always the restaurants fault, you need to double-check everything in their order is correct to keep the customer, your potential tipper, happy.