7daystodie tip

The Appropriator Approach

How to make friends 101 The easiest design follows a real life mindset when it comes to dealing with a zombie apocalypse. If tackled with a zombie apocalypse most people would agree that you should find somewhere to hold up. The same can be said for “7 Days to Die”, so technically there is no design, simply conquer and fortify. Why waste time building a base when you can simply move into another already built home and begin adding defenses to damage any trespasser on your newly acquired land. With the plethora of points of interests on the map each base can be different and come with its own perks and challenges. You could take over a simple home as pictured above living away from all that city life. Even taking over a prison making it the one place no man/zombie will ever break into. A helpful guide on the basics of moving into one of the many generated POI is just one click away. This design will also be helpful if playing a random generated world as it is the simplest to start with. The Appropriator Approach base design full video guide: