windows10 tip

Steps Recorder

This is the most exciting trick in our lists of windows 10 tips and tricks. With this feature, you can record all the steps you have done between the start and stop of the recorder. This will take a screenshot of every new step you have done and also generate the description of the step. So, for example, if you start a steps recorder and copy a file from one place to another. Then, it will generate the screenshot and also the steps like “User right-clicks on file_name“, “User left double click on the folder_name“, “User keyboard input on …“.  Isn’t that great? It’s great and is pretty sure that this 11th trick of our windows 10 tips and tricks article might be so helpful especially if you want to create a step by step guides for any other or for some blog article as well. To start, it’s pretty easy, just search “Steps Recorder” on the search box on the windows and start recording after opening the applications.