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Put Your AirTag in Lost Mode

When the AirTag is nearby, it’s easy to locate the item tracker thanks to Bluetooth and Precision Finding (on iPhone 11 and iPhone 12). But when the item tracker is out of range, you have to rely on the Find My Network to find the lost AirTag. Bear in mind that if there are no Apple devices in the area where your AirTag is located, you will only be able to view the tracker’s last location. Open the Find My app on your iPhone and go to the Items tab. After that, select the AirTag and then swipe up on the card to access the Lost Mode section. Next, tap on Enable. Next up, you can enter your phone number and a custom message which will display when someone finds your lost AirTag. In the end, tap on “Activate” to enable Lost Mode on your AirTag. Once you have marked your AirTag as lost, anyone with an NFC capable iPhone or Android device can access your lost message and choose to return the item tracker back to you. It will make you a good samaritan, and this one of the best AirTag tips and tricks.