android tip

Take Screenshots on Android TV

For a lot of smart TVs, the process of taking screenshots is the same as Android smartphones. You can press the Volume Down and Power button on the remote simultaneously and the screenshots are saved in “/sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots“. However, certain TVs might not support that and in order to get it going, you will have to establish an ADB connection (see point 4 of this article), and you’ll need a Windows or a Mac PC. For the process, we’re using a Windows PC but the ADB commands remain the same. You can start by opening Command Prompt (on Windows) or Terminal (on Mac) with Admin privileges with the directory set to the ADB folder. Make sure the TV and the PC are on the same local WiFi network.

  • Type adb connect ipaddress and press Enter or Return. In case you get an error message, type the same command again.
  • Type adb exec-out screencap -p > 1.png. This will automatically save the screenshot named 1.png inside the ADB or Platform Tools folder of your computer. You can change the name 1 to something else so that it does not override the earlier screenshot.