jailbreak tip

Do not download rootlessJB for 12.1.4.

I see many new Youtube Videos about rootlessJB 12.1.5 (v3.3) with Cydia!DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!The videos are uploaded in the last days and in the comments you will read something like "works and tested".Liker here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VMAtnGBZtk&t=84s&index=2&list=LLWktcF3XdrwTFaGncN8cexA​I looked into their "Patcher Programm" with VirtualBox and my Firewall goes crazy. You will get downloaded Russian Search Engines and Trojans in the background! Probably RATs also. So please dont do that. If you are on 12.1.4 you still can downgrade to 12.1.3 and use the official RootlessJB. Its not to late :)