jailbreak tip

When a Jailbreak gets released publicly, wait a little before jumping on board if your not sure what you're doing.

This will allow more advanced users to be able to spot issues and find ways to get around them until they can be fixed or sorted out. Every year people run into issues even on the most simple of jailbreaks. It's best for users with little troubleshooting knowledge to wait till it's been covered and explored. Guides will come to help people get jailbroken and fix certain issues when they arise, it just takes a little time. While it's completely up to you when you jump on board, if you're unsure or have a history of losing your Jailbreak, patience might just be your best asset.While it can be released with no hiccups, that's unlikely and if you're a novice user you may not know how to fix it right away. You could risk your Jailbreak when the fix may be simple.