1200isplenty tips

When you are eating, SLOW DOWN.

I'm sitting in the break room at work and the two other people in here are shoveling food onto their mouths so fast I don't know if they're even taking time to breathe. When I realized I was putting food into my mouth before I even swallowed the last bite I realized how automatic and uncontrolled my eating was. I see it a lot and I know it's not just me. When you're eating, take a moment to really chew and swallow each bite. Pay attention to what you're doing. Since I stopped shoveling food I've felt like I needed less to be satisfied.One more tip while we're at it, halfway through your meal it helps to stop for a few minutes and evaluate how much more food you really need. Are you still hungry? If you really don't have that feeling of hunger, pack up the rest and have it later. This will really save you calories when you are fully aware of your body signals. Hope this helps at least someone out there!

Mix hummus with salsa for more volume! (113kcal for this whole snack plate)

Add riced cauliflower to any ground meat to bulk up the volume for just ~50 calories!

I like to make my daytime food very planned out and low calorie so I can eat freedom for dinner (aka whatever I want within reason).

Warm up your chocolate based Fiber One bars. Makes them 100x better.

I love Fiber One bars. They’re awesome, low cal and have good flavors. My favorites are the chocolate chip cookie and chocolate fudge brownie. I usually eat them just straight out of the package. I decided today I like warm cookies, wouldn’t this be good warmed up?Dear lord. I feel like it changed the whole flavor profile. The melty chocolate on top, the soft chocolate chips in the center, the warm soft cookie. It even took away that weird tang they have. I highly recommend this.

If you microwave a chocolate chip Lara bar for 15 second it tastes like a fresh baked cookie!

Try adding water.

It may sound a bit odd and at first it looks a bit gross, but it's easy to cut the calories of salad dressing in half by adding equal parts water. I don't think that it changes the taste, and you can have every piece of lettuce coated evenly. I like to put one tablespoon of ranch in a bowl, add one tablespoon of water, and stir it together with a fork until it's all the same consistency. Then put your salad/lettuce on top, tighten a piece of plastic wrap over top, and shake it until it's covered. You could just mix the dressing/water in a separate bowl and then pour over the salad, too. It may sound a bit jerky but I find it's helpful. I prefer the consistency anyway!

Mash part of a banana and add some PB2, mix. Top your Kodiak/whatever of choice for instantly delicious banana PB spread! (255 cal for this)

Adding xanthan gum, and some embellishments turn a protein shake into a delicious mousse