2007scape tips

Need to give CPR? Give chest compressions to the beat of Sea Shanty 2. This song is 100 beats per minute, which is the exact number of compressions/min the American Heart Association recommends for CPR.

You can press CTRL + W to erase the last word you typed, is also useful if your chatbox looks like this: "1111111111111111111111111111111111".

I believe this is exclusive to OSBuddy.

You can use @googlemail.com instead of @gmail.com to create two accounts under one email.

Enjoy the hardcore adventuring!

If you've beaten the quest 'Rat Catchers', you can use the minigame teleport to the Rat Pits for a teleport to Port Sarim

If you need A lunar tele...

Just go to castle wars and have your aid on, a lot of people runecrafting astrals bank their and almost always use the tele other. It's a lot easier than spamming "need a lunar tele" at the ge or buying a lunar scroll. :)

For the 1337 players.

If you corp or find yourself doing an activity that requires you to bank at castle wars, use the western banner 4 to teleport right next to a bank, it's free and unlimited

Always remember to zoom out before doing the mime event

Dont forget add compost and water the seeds

Die at Zulrah with a full invent of food to increase kills/hr.

First go to Zulrah and die with a full invent of sharks etc.Then in your inventory, take double pots and utilize the bank chest at Zulrah to deposit your loot as you go allowing you to withdraw more food from the priestess preventing you from having to bank.