6th form tips

Embed a Tweet on Your Website or Blog

Notice a tweet you find relevant to the content you’re writing? If so, you might want to display it on your website or blog without just taking a screenshot of it. Start by clicking the downward-pointing arrow at the top of the tweet you like. Select Embed Tweet. Click on Copy Code and paste it onto your website or blog.

Maximize Your Tweet’s Exposure by Retweeting Yourself

A tweet doesn’t last very long. In order to lengthen its lifespan, take time to retweet yourself. However, don’t do this too much! Make sure the messages you retweet are relevant and evergreen.

Pick the Right Time to Tweet

Because the lifespan of a tweet is short, you need to post at the best time. According to Hubspot, Twitter posts enjoy high engagement at 9 a.m.

Learn Twitter Shortcuts on Desktop

These are amazing! They don’t only save time, they also impress your friends. Here’s a nifty list of keyboard shortcuts from Hootsuite.

Spy on Competitors without Following Them

Want to check out what your competition is doing without actually following them? It’s easy. Simply create a private list and add them to it.

Find Out What People Think of Your Brand

Want to see who added you to their lists? All you have to do is click on your profile icon and select Lists. You’ll be able to see every public list you’ve been added to.

Follow Industry Leaders to Grow Your Following

The best way to gain a larger following on Twitter is to engage with people who have the same interests as you. To do this, start by following industry leaders. Then, follow and engage with their followers.

Drive Traffic to Your Tweets by Marketing Your Handle

Publish your Twitter handle on your website to gain more followers.

Subscribe to the Best Public Lists

To do this, visit another Twitter account. Select the ellipsis button on the right. Select View Lists. View the user’s lists and subscribe to any you find interesting.

Use Landscape Images

A landscape image (2:1 dimension) is the best choice.