90daysgoal tips

For Those Who Struggle With High Repetition Exercises (Like Push-Ups).

Increase your count every other rep. For example on a set of 10 I count 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 4, 1, 5.This helps eliminate a mental block that many people have and I know it's helped me a ton. I use this counting method on all low focus exercises like push-ups, pull/chin-ups, curls, flies, etc. I already occasionally forget to count reps during intense lifts (squats/OHP/BP/etc) so I count normally for those.

Campbell's Soup-at-Hand.

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Don't forget your rest days.

Once a week or so, it's important to take a day to rest your tired muscles and prepare them for the next stretch of exercise. If you don't plan on rest days in your schedule, your ability to train is actually limited. In addition, it refreshes you mentally and helps prevent exercise burnout.

If you aren't sure about calories and nutrition in your food, great resource.

Hey everyone,I just thought I'd share this here in case some people haven't heard of it. It's a neat free website and if you enter your food, it tells you the calories per serving, quality of protein, glycemic index and a few other cool things.I always thought eating healthy shouldn't be an unsolved mystery, so I hope this helps some people and good luck!Edit: Fixed link, I'm a noob.

Willpower is a limited resource.

I really like the idea of the 90 day goal, one thing that hurts a lot of us in this type of setting is trying to take on too many life changes at once.Will power is a limited resourceIt is really tempting to say you're going to make 20 huge life changes and be a completely different person, more often than not, you'll end up being a completely different person for about 3 days, and then you'll crack.Be honest with yourself, 1 or 2 changes that you stick with turn in to 1 or 2 habits that you live with for the rest of your life. Find a specific thing you want to change, whether its diet, exercise, doing more of X. And stick with it!Here is a small radio clip that originally turned me on to this idea.NPR Science Friday

You can workout at home!.

Hi again guys :)I wanted to suggest this awesome site BodyRock.TV that I used when I didn't know about CrossFit. For those that don't need someone making them work out, BodyRock is amazing. The workouts are scalable, bodyweight, and there's a wonderful community. At one point, I completed a 6 Week program (I was very successful!), but then I just kinda lost it. Nevertheless, I think Zuzana and Freddy are wonderful and I highly recommend following their workouts if you don't wanna pay for the gym, add some variety, or just get some inspiration for amazing routines! They are short, brutal, and she does them with you!

Miss milkshakes? How about ice cream? Great alternative inside.

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Wear the right shoes!.

Hi 90daysgoal. I wanted to share with you that I have been wearing the wrong type of shoes at work and when I go out for a long time (flattest of the flat with no support whatsoever) and I am sure it affected my progress. Wearing shoes with no support makes you exhausted and your calves ache as they are doing all the work instead of your feet. Today I am going out and buying some proper work shoes (I am a retail manager and on my feet all day) - to not only help me through the day at work, but to make sure that I have the energy to go to the gym afterwards!Correct shoes are essential! Not only for the gym but for everyday life too!