Ableton tips

Keep your Velocity Editor hidden, and instead use Alt/CMD to quickly adjust Velocity levels.

Here is a quick demonstration of how it works. All you simply need to do is select or highlight your desired MIDI Note(s), and hold ALT/CMD and drag in a vertical fashion, and you'll be able to adjust your Velocity levels instantly. This will enable you to maximize your screen real estate while still providing you the ability to change Velocity as needed. The only drawback to this technique is that it would retain the same velocity level value for any subsequently created MIDI Clips, but it's not too bad of a trade-off for the added screen real estate you get! When utilizing this shortcut, you can still see a numerical representation of the velocity values even without the editor being open by using either of these velocity indicators. Enjoy!

Mapping Roli Lightpad Block XYZ Pad.

INTRO*Looking for a way to map Roli Lightpad Block XYZ Pad in Ableton and I found this video: method uses the BLOCKS Dashboard XYZ Pad in Edit mode to manually select which CC is sent and map them one at a time. But this actually isn't necessary.TIPWhen mapping a controller that sends multiple MIDI messages at a time, Ableton MIDI Map Mode will only map to one of them. The trick is if you want to map to one of the other ones sent, just hit UNDO and you can scroll the mapping back through the other messages.EXAMPLEWhen the Roli Lightpad Block is in XYZ Pad mode, it sends CC113, CC114 and CC115. Ableton MIDI Map Mode maps to CC115, but if I immediately hit UNDO, it maps to CC114...UNDO again and it maps to CC113.

If you have a track armed for recording before you start installing a pack, that track will accept MIDI while the pack is installing.

Now that we have a ton of new packs to install, throw a fun drum rack on a track before starting so you can goof off with it while the pack is installing :D

DJing with Live

It is not easy to find a music production software with which you will be able to perform live and DJ as well. Ableton has no competitors as it is perfect for both uses. The session view works not only to easily record your ideas but add tracks and create a perfect layout for DJing. In the market, there are fantastic performance tools that offer perfect compatibility with Ableton. Likely you can get some of the best Ableton controllers for an excellent price.