Abletonlive tips

You can copy and paste whole instruments or tracks into new projects from old ones. Helpful cuz OS X doesn't support dual instances of Ableton.

This is how I blend elements from one song into a another, with seamless transitions. My subsequent project usually uses one or to instruments from my last song so instead of saving the instrument, effects parameters, etc. you can just take the whole track over to a new instance hassle free. Now you can keep automation intact, save your return tracks, and vst/effect combinations that would be hard otherwise.

Get an ableton shirt.

Hey just a quick tip if you're looking to meet people when you're out and about. get an ableton shit you can buy merch directly from or other sites: was at a bar at like 3 am a few weeks ago wearing my ableton shirt and some sennheiser headphones and this guy came up to me and was all like "YO MAN ARE U A DJ?!" ... i ended up getting a GIG! at his pizza place downtown in wrigleyville. it's a GREAT way to meet people, producers, promoters, etc. highly recommend it!

Automatic Remixing with Follow Actions.

2 minute video walks through chopping a clip into eighths and randomizing playback to create new beats. Same YouTuber has other relevant tips.

DJing with Live

It is not easy to find a music production software with which you will be able to perform live and DJ as well. Ableton has no competitors as it is perfect for both uses. The session view works not only to easily record your ideas but add tracks and create a perfect layout for DJing. In the market, there are fantastic performance tools that offer perfect compatibility with Ableton. Likely you can get some of the best Ableton controllers for an excellent price.

Save CPU

When you start mixing and mastering your final track with more than 30 channels, you might want to reduce the CPU. “Freeze” your channels is one way that you will save CPU. You can also deactivate the effects that you do not use.


The last process before you make your track available to the crowd is the mastering. Ableton Live offers four extraordinary effects to master your audio file before export. Multi-band Dynamics, EQ, Compressor, and Limiter must always appear in your Master channel. Mastering is the action that will give boost your track and add color.