Ac pocket camp tips

If someone has a garden full of pink flowers that means they are trying to get purple and navy lady bugs pls do not dump a bunch of pink lady bugs on them for your own gain bc then another friend can’t share the ladybugs that the person needs with them bc they’re all filled w/ pink

Crocus planter gives a flawless and 3⭐️ instead of the organ!

Don’t harvest your last set of flowers for the night. Leave them up so the late-night players have someone to share their butterflies with!.

I’ve already received a few butterflies overnight, thought I’d share my strategy.

Always check the crafting time!.

I just rushed to get all the gyroidites for the big bubble thinking it'll take 24 hours, only to find out it only takes 10 hours :') no need for that mad rush after all xD

Don’t pick up the fruit until the fruit grows back on the tree! it doesn’t go away so it’ll stay on the ground! great way to save inventory space:)

Don't sell your rare seeds after garden events. Animals the request "..." and ask for a flower give 100 for regular flowers, but give 500 for rate event flowers. Way better than selling the seeds for 60 each.

Give yourself a quick panic attack by placing your balancing chairs at the front of your campsite. When you walk around, if a camper is using it, you’ll just see a giant close up of their face zoom across your screen.

Craft mushroom tv, turn it around, bonus mushroom decoration

The “Chapel Draped Arch” from Ceila’s Fortune Cookie behind this bed is GORGEOUS.

DON'T PAY THE 250K LOAN !! You will not get anything out of it... I feel proud and disppointed at the same time ¬.¬ ❤