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You can destroy trashcans for loot.

I was actually shocked to find out that trashcans hold loot. All of my rad towns we're covered with them and people didn't believe me till they tried. The cans usually hold small foodstuff, pills, or med supplies. I think more people would of known if it didn't sound like a rock when you hit it. Hope this helps someone.

When being chased, drop loot (or even better, anything that gets put in a brown bag). Buy yourself precious seconds.

When you're being chased, start dropping loot. Everyone's curious, almost everyone will stop to take a look at what you dropped.Even if its say, bone fragments, they always fall for it.Buy yourself enough precious seconds to get away

Don't use Floor Grills until they're fixed!.

Floor grills are cool n all, but if you place one down, you get a Open/Close option with no actual movement. If the grill is "open", you can remove it with E. However you cannot place a codelock on it. So using it as a visual vantage point above your enemy is more like giving them access to an upper floor. Plz fix =)

If you are newer to Rust, Don't forget about the Bone Club.

Here's the scenario: You are working on your starter base and upgrading your walls and foundations and you blow through all your stone and wood when you realize oh #$%#, I didn't save enough resources to craft a new set of tools. Then the sinking feeling sets in of do I really have to grind out another pick and axe with my rock.Well, if you're lucky and you have 20 bone frags, don't forget about the bone club as it is actually very effective at gathering wood or stone nodes.A quick video showing the gathering speed of a bone club.andThe original article with video