Adultery tips

Clean Out Your Vehicle.

Remember to clean - out your car. A carelessly dropped lipstick or wallet or even anything is evidence. Happy Cheats.

Turn off the Bluetooth.

So this happened yesterday, which reminded me of this sub. H drove the car out in the morning, and his phone was connected to the car Bluetooth. I was heading out in the afternoon. I started up the car, and I could see on the display and hear on the car speaker that he was calling someone from his phone on another app (probably his mum as I recognised the ringing tone of the calling app they use to communicate).Completely innocent, but always a good reminder :)

IPhone hiding apps (sort of).

Some of you might not be worried about a SO digging through your phone or your SO is very trusting. You might keep snapchat, KIK, or Tinder installed on your main phone. Here is some advice that will help you not get exposed accidentally. 1) Put the icons on a folder and move them a few screens away both in the home screen and in the folder screen2) Disable those apps from showing on your search results. So even if you search for Tinder on your phone it will not show up as an installed app. To do this you can launch Settings then "Siri and Search". Scroll down and tap on the app you want to hide. Turn off "Siri & Suggestions" and "Show app".3) Always kill the app on your way home. This will prevent it from showing on your last used apps.4) Disable notifications for all the apps in question NOTE: This is not for the ones that need tight OPSEC. If you need that then get a burner or uninstall the apps when you go home.

The Ziggy Cup!.

Uh oh, got a hot date with your AP to roll around on snowy white sheets with all the oral sex you can take, tons of rough PIV sex, but got your period and but don’t want your hotel room/lover’s face to look like a murder scene?Enter the Ziggy Cup! It’s a menstrual cup that fits over your cervix and holds the blood in- when it’s inserted correctly, you and your partner can’t feel it and you can have all the crazy oral/vaginal/whatever sex you want without blood getting on everything.I can’t say enough good things about it! basically makes your period a complete non-issue so you don’t have to worry about staining anything while you get your freak on. And if you’re lover happens to be squeaking about going down on you while you’re heavily menstruating, then here’s the solution!Of course YMMV, but it's been my favorite purchase of this year :)

Clean out the Bank Accounts.

While this may provide some immediate satisfaction and security, it could lead to an emergency hearing and the attendant cost. It also might attach a stigma of unfairness to the perpetrator which they may never be able to shake. (There are times when this may be a necessary move, but only with the advice of counsel and only for very good reason.)

Move out of State with the Kids.

Such a move seems, at the time, to be a really good way to get at your spouse. But some cases prove it may be a good way of having the judge grant custody to your spouse for your wrongful conduct. In some states, it constitutes kidnapping.

Tell the Paramour's Spouse.

A common reaction to the discovery of an affair is to call the paramour's spouse with the sordid details. This in turn can provoke that spouse to file an alienation of affection suit that will place the marital assets at risk. Obviously, this is a very self-destructive move to make. (There are times that it can be advantageous to share this information, but this should be done by the lawyer, not the client).

Cutting Off the Utilities.

This is surely one of the dirtier divorce tricks to pull. I have had many phone calls from clients reporting that the telephone, power, or cable has been cut off at the house without warning. A move like this only creates a downward spiral of attacks and counterattacks.

Get Him Fired.

I am always amazed at the desire of offended spouses to get their ex fired or in trouble with the IRS or, in one case, the Securities and Exchange Commission. What could they possibly be thinking when they are also trying to recover enough money from their spouse to support themselves? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

Cancel the Credit Cards.

I represented a mother of three whose doctor husband was fooling around with a nurse. Both had hired lawyers but my client wanted to wait before suing her husband for adultery, hoping things could be worked out amicably. My client was returning from a long trip with one of her daughters and was attempting to pay for gas for the return when her card was declined. Her husband, who makes about one million dollars a year, elected to cancel all of her credit cards without warning. Suffice it to say, the good doctor bought himself an adultery complaint and a temporary hearing wherein the judge was informed of what he had done.