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Get rid of clutter first

Before you even pull your camera out of your bag, take a look around at your shooting location and get rid of clutter and distracting objects first. Do you really want to see that empty Starbucks cup on your coffee table in the photos of your cat? Is the garden hose snaking through the grass where you are photographing your dog, adding an aesthetically-pleasing element to your photos? If an element in your background doesn’t serve to enhance your images in some way, either remove it first or move to a different location. An uncluttered environment produces more aesthetically pleasing images, and reduces post-processing work. Nobody needs to see photos of your puppy with an overflowing garbage can in the background.

Focus on eyes and expressions

The eyes are the most expressive part of an animal’s face, so if you want to create really engaging portraits, focus on the eyes and facial expressions. A well-timed puppy whine (from you) can reel in focus in a puppy or curious dog, and have them staring straight at the camera faster than you can say “woof”.


Animals are like little emotional sponges, and if you are stressed and anxious, they will sense it and become stressed and anxious too. A stressed animal will give you ‘ears flattened’, ‘concerned eyes’ looks, which don’t translate well ‘on film’. Take a deep breath and remember to have fun with it!

Create a concept and a shot list

The most engaging animal imagery shows them in context. It may be a cat looking up at an owner opening a bag of food in the kitchen (concept: desire), a dog looking longingly through a front door waiting for his or her buddy to come home (longing), a horse owner with her arms wrapped around her equine’s neck (connection). If you can say something with your images, they will speak to your viewers on a deeper emotional level.

Find The Right Litter

There are more types of litter than any of us might name. But, to help you narrow down your choices and make the selection process easier, you’ll want to start by choosing either clumping or non-clumping litter. Personally, we prefer clumping to non-clumping, simply because it is time-saving and cost-efficient, but that doesn’t have to be the case for everyone. Also, you will get to choose whether you want scented or non-scented litter and a few other things. While it is true that choosing the right litter will make your job easier, don’t expect your kitty to make it easier on you. If they don’t like the litter – you might as well start looking again. What we’re saying is, be prepared to go through a few different ones until you get the right one.

Find The Right Box

Both you and us know that basically, any container will do. However, both of us also know you won’t just get anything for your kitty. Instead, you’ll go to the local pet store, browse the litter boxes, and you’re probably going to leave the store with two boxes because you just couldn’t decide. Our advice to you is to try and not get overwhelmed with options. After all, it’s just the litter box. Just make sure it checks all the important features, and you should be set. A litter box should be age-appropriate and big enough for your cat. Naturally, there are a few other things that you might want to consider, and if you want to learn more about it, you can read the details here. Now, some kitties are a bit shy, so you could get them a hooded litter box to help them get some privacy. Although, what you’ll notice is that these don’t really work well if you have several cats. At that point, they’ll just have to learn how to go in public.

Get A Metal Scoop

Most people don’t really care about this part, so they just get the first scoop that they come across. More often than not, that ends up being a little plastic scoop. Now, we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that scooping isn’t your favorite part of the day, so why are you making it harder on yourself by using the wrong tools? Just get a metal scoop. They’re much stronger, more durable, often bigger and will allow you to scoop more litter in less time. It’s a no-brainer!

Get your teenager to clean their room.

You can get your son or daughter to clean their room by using your cleverness and humor like the mother below.

Use pool noodles to improve safety.

Pool noodles offer protection for little hands and feet on the trampoline.

Keep the kids from locking themselves in the bathroom.

Keep a door unlocked by using a rubber band. You can find more information on this trick here.