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Teach word families.

Source: Teacher Karma The method is tried and true among kindergarten teachers. Check out the link for seven simple steps for using word families to teach reading.

Put sight words front and center.

Source: Life With Moore Babies Keep track of important sight words in fun ways and keep them visually front and center like this growing word-a-pillar.

Use “space people” to help your beginning writers learn to use spaces between words.

Source: Time for Kindergarten Put an astronaut stick down when you get to the end of a word, so you know where to start the next one!

Keep activity sticks on hand so you never have a terrifying “What do I do with them now?” moment.

Source: Keep Calm and Teach On One of the most repeated pieces of advice in our Helpline group about teaching kindergarten was that you should always overplan for this age group. These activity sticks are a fantastic safety net when you suddenly find that your lesson went twice as fast as you expected.

Incorporate daily writing prompts.

We’ve gathered 25 writing prompts that you can download and use to get your kinders practicing their writing skills.

Use this no-mess painting parenting tricks.

Add three dollops of different coloured paint into a ziplock bag and voila! Your baby can create all kinds of designs without any mess.

Invest in a Baby In-Sight Auto Mirror.


Travel and Adventure Video Ideas

  • Informative travel videosIf you are a travel enthusiast, tell your audience how you planned your travel itinerary, budget your expenses, and give them a travel guide
  • Travel VlogsDescribe your journey in a way that makes your audience feel like they’re right there experiencing everything you do. Make sure they know where you are staying, what you are eating, what you are buying, etc.
  • Share your bucket listLet your audience know about your bucket list and why you want to visit those places. In the comments section, you can also ask them to share their bucket lists with you.
  • Explore remote places and activitiesCreate videos about offbeat travel destinations that aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Vlogging can also be a great way to give your audience a sense of what it’s like to be there. Showcase how you can take amazing pictures and videos while traveling, Share Travel hacks, Create a travel documentary, and provide quick listicle guides.

Cooking/Baking YouTubeVideo Ideas

  • Recipes and cooking tipsShare detailed how-to videos on how to cook with your audience or make videos on easy meal preparation recipes you can make ahead and store for the week. A cooking video can also demonstrate how to peel and chop an onion or a carrot.
  • Miniature & giant cookingThe internet has been taking over with video tutorials on how to make miniature and giant food dishes. In this video you can either scale everything down so that you are making bitesize meals, or you can make everything much larger, like this 50-pound cheesecake.
  • Show food from all over the worldDo you enjoy traveling and sampling cuisines from around the world? Consider filming a video about the destination’s food habits, delicacies, food tours, and iconic foods. Usually, people who watch these videos are doing research for when they travel. You may want to talk about the food traditions and the places your audience can find these dishes around the world.
  • Chef reviewsYou can review food products, cooking accessories, and restaurants whether you are a professional or a home chef.Share cake decor videos, Mass food-making process videos with your audience. Showcase what’s in your fridge/kitchen, Make delicious food by combining left-over food, Prepare vegetarian/vegan versions of popular non-vegetarian food items videos.

Home-Decor YouTubeVideo Ideas

  • Make a home decor video featuring affordable ideas.Videos on home decor are mostly searched for inspiration. Make a video about where they can buy affordable home decor, how to revamp their old decor, and styling tips for redecorating their home.
  • Makeover your home and share a video to inspirepeople and also share DIY home decor hacks with them, as Macenna did in this video.
  • Tour your apartment and discusshow you selected the design, aesthetics, and decor ideas in your home with your audience. You can also explain design basics if you are an expert in decor and interiors so that your audience can make the right decision for themselves. Additionally, you can also share helpful home-decor tips, react to celebrity house tours, and share tips on how to take better care of your house.