Advice tips

Always carry earplugs.

Get some earplugs for cheap at your nearest drugs store and keep them with you anytime you're going to be on trains, planes, or buses. This is also good for drowning out the sounds of people who constantly hawk up phlegm or are playing their own music too loudly or chew with their mouth open or whatever. You cannot hope to change others who behave like that, but you do have power to change your own behavior to make other people's behaviors... less irritating.

Your spouse is not there for you to use, but to serve.

If you fetishise wholesome stuff like headpats and cuddling and handholding more than actual sex, you and your boyfriend/girlfriend can do all your favorite kinks even when your parents are in the room.

Don’t create a username with your age... your gonna grow up.

Yeah... I’m not 14 anymore

Leave the room after you smoke and come back. It'll be easier to tell if it reeks.

When you smoke, you get desensitized to the smell almost as fast as it's made. After you're done, spray your ozium or whatever and leave. Get some food or go see your dog or something. When you come back your brain will have gotten more sensitive to the smell again and you'll be able to know if you need to take more drastic measures to clear the smell or if you're good.

Guys) Gut a squid and use it as a fleshlight.

Slimy but realistic

Instead of focusing on blaming an uncooperative teammate, focus on what you can control, your own reaction to the situation, potentially salvaging the game.

This message should be promoted more, I can think of so many games I had in comp when people throw their whole focus at the teammates who onetricks or just picks what they want no matter what, reacting to them by blaming and picking nonsense themselves. It only creates toxicity or forces that player to mute.It's a FACT, you can't control some strangers behaviour, what you can do, is control your own, even if you end up with 5 DPS it's still salvagable if teammates are supportive.And logic that "I don't want that guy to win, so I just throw as well." makes no sense and should be reported.Not to mention that the selfish teammate will be more willing to switch and see error in his ways if other teammates act maturely.

If walking at a good pace you can count on streets averaging out to 1min per block and 2.5 to 3.0min per ave. Surprisingly this avg held up down to the minute when I walked from the bottom to top of Manhattan.

Take a grain of salt for every new info you receive.

In this video, just one tip that I recently found out that is really important. Asking "why" if you're insecure about something is very important, because then you understand the reasoning behind the stuff. Us, content creators, really appreciate when the community is being involved with us, even with a such simple question

Don't be sick.

Sounds good, doesn't work.My grades were especially fucked this term cause I missed two (important) days.