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Hard Cider instead of beer.

For those of you who are trying and trying to like beer but still think it tastes like tapir piss, try some Hard Cider. It's so yummy and still has 5% abv. Thank me later.

Have Extra Clothes Nearby.

Applies to exmuslims still in the closet and not fasting of course.. I spilled a few drops of coffee on my shirt morning and this thought popped into my head. If it was something bigger and more noticeable like some sort of sauce or whatever the cat would've been out of the bag when I got home.Whenever I have to modify any aspect of my behaviour to suit Islam it infuriates me that the religion still has some sort of grip/influence over my life.. Nevertheless, being cautious, smart, and swallowing my pride is the way to go for now. For those still in the closet, keep your head up and look forward to the future!