Advicetips tips

Biofield+Ult animation cancel.

I'm not sure if this is common knowledge so I thought I'd share. can achieve this by quickly pressing E and then Q. There is no delay and it gives you extra sustain so you don't die mid-ult.

If you resurrect while gliding in air, you will continue to glide, instead of remaining still for a moment on ground.

I'm sure a lot of people know this, but I just found this out playing some Mercy earlier and figured it wouldn't hurt to post.

STOP jumping while you ult! (mostly for lucio/reinhardt).

All it does is delay the ult itself, and they already have enough delay as is. The microsecond it takes Lucio to jump alone could mean the life or death of a teammate (and therefore winning the fight vs. losing it), while the microsecond it takes for Rein to jump and ult could mean their mercy can get behind cover before the ult happens.I see way too many players do this, stop! also stop dropping from high ground with lucio ult. i know it looks cool but its risky as hell and not worth it. either drop it from high ground or on low ground after you drop.