Airsoft tips

Don't use a Chrono with your phone directly on the other side of the Chrono

Just because it's listed as a 'short type' motor, don't assume they're all the same

Lean the sight protector at an angle so bbs won’t hit it directly, this will minimize the chance of it cracking (visible cracks are from when I used to used it upright really close to the sight)

Use the spring from an old click ball pen to make a ejectable spoon on G&G grenades.

If the gun didn't shoot three times and then it didn't shoot for the fourth time, it doesn't mean it won't shoot on your fifth try. Don't be retards and stay safe.

Make sure you test fire your mags!.

I did some work on my kwa m4 last week (sorbo, new piston head, aoe, shim, and rewire), and only test fired with my hicap. Low and behold upon arriving to the field on Saturday only a couple of my echo1 midcaps were feeding. I've had these mags for 6+ years and have always fed fine in my kwa, it was quite frustrating and I was worried that I messed something up until I tried my hicap and it still worked. So I spent nearly all day yesterday ripping apart 8 midcaps, cleaning, restretching and baking springs. Now they all work again. It would have been nice to have them working at the game. However I had a backup ak in my bag.

I wrapped my piston with solder and electrical tapped it. It has had one desired effect and one unexpected effect. FPS has been lowered by adding weight to the piston, also the sound when firing bb's has been reduced dramatically.

If you're having trouble keeping track of all of your Allen keys and torx bits. Buy these, it's harder to lose something the size of a pocket survival knife. Have fun teching