Android tv tips

Increase Storage on Firestick with USB Flash Drive

Expanding storage is one of the more useful Firestick tricks. One of the biggest complaints regarding the Amazon Firestick is the lack of internal storage. Luckily, users can purchase an OTG Cable and use any USB Flash Drive to expand the device storage. This hack will allow you to install applications onto the external USB Drive. Click below for a complete instructional guide with a video that will show you how to Expand your Firestick’s Internal Storage. How to Expand Fire TV Stick 4K Storage Note: Prior to using a USB Drive with any Fire TV/Android device, you should make sure that it’s properly formatted as FAT32. How to Format USB Drive to FAT32 4. Using External Video Players Unlike some other streaming devices, the Amazon Firestick/Fire TV allows the use of external video players within applications. The most popular external video players include MX Player and VLC Media Player. Using external video players will often help eliminate buffering and improve the overall user experience. Best Video Players for Firestick/Fire TV

Sideloading Apps

Those who have used the Firestick/Fire TV for a while now have likely figured out the device’s side-loading capabilities. Because this device runs the Android operating system, you can side-load applications not found within the Amazon App Store. Side-loading Streaming APKs is one of the most popular uses among those with Firesticks/Fire TVs. Some of the most popular side-loaded apps include Kodi, MX Player, Stremio, Filelinked, Aptoide, Cinema HD, and many others. In order to side-load these apps, you must use a tool called Downloader. Refer to our side-loading tutorial below for more information. How to Sideload Apps on Firestick/Fire TV Note: If your sideloaded apps have a grey icon see our guide on How to Fix Grey App Icons on Firestick. 2. Speed up Your Firestick/Fire TV Speeds and buffering are common concerns among Firestick/Fire TV users. There are several ways to increase Firestick speed and reduce buffering. The first step is to always Test Internet Speed on your Firestick to analyze what types of speeds you are getting. Some methods include connecting an Ethernet Adapter, using Real-Debrid within apps, adjusting VPN Protocols, upgrading your internet package, and other solutions. We suggest viewing the video below for more tips and information on speeding up your Firestick.

Enjoy Personal Photos as device Screensaver

If you are tired of the same Amazon screensavers displaying on your device while resting, there is another option. You can easily set up your Firestick or Fire TV to display personal photos instead. To do so, you must first download the Amazon Photos app to your Android or iOS device. Your photos will then sync across all Amazon devices including Firestick and Fire TV. Once installed, you can change the settings to display these photos: From the home screen, Open Settings> select Display & Sounds>select Screensaver>choose Current Screensaver>select Your Photos (or another album) You can also install custom launchers like the Wolf Launcher for customized wallpapers as your background!

Use a Bluetooth Controller

Just like you can connect a Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard to the Shield TV to browse the Internet, you can connect a Bluetooth Gaming controller to play games. 2019 Shield TV supports Xbox, PS4, and third-party Bluetooth controllers. While Xbox works flawlessly, the PS4 controller generally has key mapping issues and third-party controllers’ accuracy vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Switch Apps

Apart from all these intuitive features on the Shield TV, one of my favorites is this; the App Switcher. Just like regular smartphones, you can switch between different apps by pressing the home button two times. Easy, right?

Game like a Pro

Even though 2019 Shield TV doesn’t include a gaming controller in the box, it is still very much a gaming-oriented device. NVIDIA GeForce NOW and NVIDIA GameStream come built-in with the Shield TV, you can install your own game streaming apps such as SteamLink. All of these apps make it one of the most powerful Android TVs built for gaming.

Access Hard Disks like a Boss

Keeping with the tradition, 2019 Shield TV Pro includes two USB 3.0 that lets you access high-quality media content from your existing hard disks. You’ll only need a good quality file explorer and VLC media player to access the entire library. Guess what, only Shield TV supports Plex, so you can create a Plex Media Server on the device itself and stream your content all over the network. That’s really Pro.

Wallpapers and Screensavers

Last but not the least, you can also choose a cool wallpaper as your TV background. Just head over to the General Settings and pick the best wallpaper. What's more? Depending on your preference you can also choose the screen time-out.

Connect Bluetooth Headsets and Controllers

ICYMI, your new Android TV can also double up as a gaming platform. Yes, you heard that right! Imagine playing a racing game on such a huge screen. To transform your TV into a cool gaming machine, hook your gaming controller via Bluetooth. Fun Fact: The Amkette Evo Pad 2 comes with a Mouse Mode, letting you use the controller as an air-mouse. Similarly, you can also connect your Bluetooth headsets to this TV. This is especially helpful since the TV doesn't have any 3.5mm audio jack. All you have to do is navigate to the Device & Bluetooth settings page and tap on the Discover Bluetooth devices option. All the visible devices will appear underneath. Buy Amkette Evo Pad 2

Enable Adaptive Brightness

Your TV is smart, which means that the backlight can very well adjust as per the content on the screen. Cool, right? Head over to the Display settings and toggle the Adaptive backlight switch on. However, the TV doesn't come with a standard preset for brightness and contrast control, so you'd have to tweak the settings a bit to arrive at the sweet spot.