Android tv tips

Use Message Actions In The Outlook App

You knew you could use actions in single-message view, but did you know you can use actions from the Inbox view?

  • In the folder view, long tap a message to use an action on. The Delete, Archive, and Move to Folder actions will show. To get more actions, select the 3 dots menu.
  • The 3 dots menu shows the actions: Move to Focused inbox, Report junk, Ignore conversation, Mark as unread, Flag, Snooze, and Select all. Report junk tells Microsoft the e-mail is garbage and their spam AI will learn to block spam messages.

See Items from Your Favorite Contacts First

Everyone is important, yet some people are just a little more important in your life. Here’s how you can make sure you see their emails first.

  • In Contacts, select a favorite contact.
  • In their contact card, select the star in the top-right corner. Now they’re a favorite. Any Outlook items from them will show up before other people.

Use Samsung DeX With the Outlook App

This only applies to some of the newer Samsung Android devices. The Outlook app is optimized for use with Samsung Dex. DeX allows you to connect to an HDMI or Miracast-enabled monitor and pair a keyboard and mouse for a desktop-style experience.

Disable unwanted channels on your home screen

Tech blogger Antoine Bechara says that “If you want to declutter your home screen, you can do so by disabling the channels you don’t watch.” You can do so by clicking on the customize channels icon at the bottom of your home screen. Choose Disable or enable channels and select the channels you need to disable from your home screen.

Add favorite videos to watch later

The Mi Box doesn’t have a watch later list for your favorite videos, but it has the Play Next list, which you can use to add your favorite videos to watch them later. To add videos to this list:

  • Click and hold the select button of your favorite video
  • From the menu, choose to Add to play next, and your video will be added to the list By long-pressing the video’s select button and clicking on remove you can also remove the video from the list once you’re done watching it.

Expand your Mi Box internal storage

The Mi Box S comes with an 8 GB internal storage space. If you need some extra space, you can expand it by connecting a USB drive and configuring it such that it acts as additional internal storage.

  • Connect a USB Flash Drive to the port and go to settings
  • Select Storage and restoration from the menu
  • Select the USB drive and click on Format as device storage
  • The drive will be formatted and will act as additional internal storage for your device

Amazon Underground.

So currently, KOTOR and Goat Simulator are free on Amazon Underground so sideload, sign in, download and enjoy! Full leanback support as well on those two games. You can also nab JK2 and JK3 touch for less than a fiver, copy the games over from steam and have Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy on your Android TV.

Setting Smart YouTube TV App as default for Google assistant and all YouTube links.

To make smart YouTube tv as the default app one needs to uninstall bundled youtube using adb by: "adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0"And now when YouTube is used with Google assistant, one can set the default app.(just disabling the app from settings doesn't work)It works like a charm. Hope it helps to everyone out there.