Top 10 Android tv tips

Cast Windows 10 on Android TV

While Chromecast works fine if you are using an Android smartphone or using Chrome on Windows 10, it does not cast the whole Windows 10 screen. Basically, on Windows 10, the casting is just limited to Chrome tabs. Thankfully, there is Miracast technology which supports Windows 10 casting. We have written a detailed guide on how to cast Windows 10 on Android TV so follow the guide and you will be up and running Windows 10 on Android TV.

Enjoy Personal Photos as device Screensaver

If you are tired of the same Amazon screensavers displaying on your device while resting, there is another option. You can easily set up your Firestick or Fire TV to display personal photos instead. To do so, you must first download the Amazon Photos app to your Android or iOS device. Your photos will then sync across all Amazon devices including Firestick and Fire TV. Once installed, you can change the settings to display these photos: From the home screen, Open Settings> select Display & Sounds>select Screensaver>choose Current Screensaver>select Your Photos (or another album) You can also install custom launchers like the Wolf Launcher for customized wallpapers as your background!

Manage Notifications By Account

Got more than one account using your Outlook phone app? You can control the notifications from each.

  • On the Outlook home screen, select the Settings gear icon.
  • Scroll to and select Notifications.
  • Select Notifications, New email sound, or Sent email sound and make the changes you want.

Game like a Pro

Even though 2019 Shield TV doesn’t include a gaming controller in the box, it is still very much a gaming-oriented device. NVIDIA GeForce NOW and NVIDIA GameStream come built-in with the Shield TV, you can install your own game streaming apps such as SteamLink. All of these apps make it one of the most powerful Android TVs built for gaming.

Listen to Emails In the Outlook App

Great for the multi-tasker, Play My Emails is a powerful feature of Outlook. It uses Cortana’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to do more than just read emails. Cortana will check Outlook and let you know about meeting changes or conflicts. It can give email details, like who else received the email, if it’s a long or short email, and how long the email is to read. The Play My Emails for iOS is available in Canada, the US, United Kingdom, Australia, and India. For Android, it’s only available in the US. Expect it to come to you eventually.

Data Saver Mode

Data Saver Mode is a great addition to Android TV by Google. With Data saver mode enabled, you can watch 3 times more content using the same amount of data. You can also enable alerts if the data reaches certain limits. This feature will be helpful for those who use mobile hotspots to stream content on Android TV. However, keep in mind, the feature update has not hit all Android TVs yet and it will be available with the Android 9 update. As for Mi TV in India, Data Saver Mode is already available and that’s why we have included it in our list of best Mi TV tips and tricks. For other Android TVs, you will find Data Saver Mode in “Device Preferences” under the Settings page.

Turn off iCloud Private Relay for Wi-Fi

If you notice a major dip in data network speed following the iOS 15 update, you need to disable iCloud Private Relay for the Home/Work Wi-Fi. Simply open the Settings app on the iPhone, navigate to Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi network, and turn off iCloud Private Relay from the following menu.

Access Hard Disks like a Boss

Keeping with the tradition, 2019 Shield TV Pro includes two USB 3.0 that lets you access high-quality media content from your existing hard disks. You’ll only need a good quality file explorer and VLC media player to access the entire library. Guess what, only Shield TV supports Plex, so you can create a Plex Media Server on the device itself and stream your content all over the network. That’s really Pro.

Enable Bluetooth Device

For many, the provided Amazon remote is just not enough when it comes to navigation within the Firestick. Luckily, there is a setting within Fire TV’s to sync all your favorite Bluetooth accessories to the device. This includes items such as headphones, keyboard remotes, gaming controllers, and more. To sync a Bluetooth device to your Firestick/Fire TV, use the steps below: From the home screen, Open Settings>select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices>choose Other Bluetooth Devices>click Add Bluetooth Devices Once discovered, you can now select your Bluetooth device for use.

Enable Dolby Digital

Among the many things, Google TV also allows you to add surround sound effects using Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus. You can customize the sound effects from Settings -> Display and Sound -> Advanced Sound Effects -> Surround sound format selection. Here, choose “Manual” and then select your choice of sound profile. If you have a Dolby-compatible woofer or soundbar, you will have a great audio experience with Google TV.