Androiddev tips

Use regions to section code.

I haven't seen this mentioned in any tutorial or tips for Android Studio, but you can collapse certain sections of your code by putting them in regions.​```// region Some grouping comment describing the group... code ...... more code ...// endregion```You'll be able to fold up the region and see the comment at the top of the code which helps navigating code

Make a habit of using search through keyboard shortcuts (Like Shift+Shift).

Until like a week ago I used to painstakingly sift through dozens of packages and res folders to get to where I want. Simply using SHIFT+SHIFT has had a noticeable impact.Here's a bunch I'm trying to use as well:* CTRL+E: Recent Files* CTRL+SHIFT+T: Classes* CTRL+SHIFT+R: FilesIf you use any other handy shortcuts (specifically for navigating through code), feel free to share them here.