Apexlegends tips

You can actually see your teammates backpack, helmet, knowfown shield when you open inventory

You can report cheaters by typing their names into origin and going to their profile

You can use Bloodhound's tactical ability to locate loot ticks.

Don’t loot from your own teammates.

Especially when they can respawn right next to here they died, they need things too.

Take a shower before you play, it actually makes you amazing.

The past few days, I’ve been playing apex right after I shower and I become an actual laser.Seriously you guys need to try it

High Level Player That Hates Randoms.

You’re a random too. Go make friends or try LFG and stop complaining about who you get matched with.

There are other places to drop than the supply ship.

If I am not the jumpmaster, 9 times out of 10 they are pinging the supply ship and there’s 30 people scrambling for 4 guns. Believe it or not, there’s good loot everywhere.

Dropping with the new ship speed.

Now that the drop ship has had a huge speed boost, it travels much, much faster than your character can glide. If the drop ship is passing over or near where you want to go, you’re far better of dropping when you’re about a 45 degree angle and a couple hundred meters from your target than dropping when you’re 1200 meters away.

His ult can be used to prevent people from entering doors!.

If you place the jump pad in front of the door it will launch you above the door and you won’t be able to enter from that side. The only way to avoid it is jumping over the jump pad at the right time but nobody knows this yet! I’ve used it in many situations when I ran inside a building to heal up, it stalls the enemies for a surprisingly long time!