Top 10 Apexlegends tips

Take a shower before you play, it actually makes you amazing.

The past few days, I’ve been playing apex right after I shower and I become an actual laser.Seriously you guys need to try it

Don't steal items if they were dibs by a team mate.

Don't take pinged items if they were dibs my a team mate. Don't be that guy!

There are other places to drop than the supply ship.

If I am not the jumpmaster, 9 times out of 10 they are pinging the supply ship and there’s 30 people scrambling for 4 guns. Believe it or not, there’s good loot everywhere.

Dropping with the new ship speed.

Now that the drop ship has had a huge speed boost, it travels much, much faster than your character can glide. If the drop ship is passing over or near where you want to go, you’re far better of dropping when you’re about a 45 degree angle and a couple hundred meters from your target than dropping when you’re 1200 meters away.

His ult can be used to prevent people from entering doors!.

If you place the jump pad in front of the door it will launch you above the door and you won’t be able to enter from that side. The only way to avoid it is jumping over the jump pad at the right time but nobody knows this yet! I’ve used it in many situations when I ran inside a building to heal up, it stalls the enemies for a surprisingly long time!

Jump while downed.

Did you know that you can jump while downed if you aren't moving and you press both sprint and the jump button at the same time? It's hella useful to sometimes get behind cover

Your ultimate is instant on a zipline.

It has no animation whatsoever, I like to take the zipline to get in close and then use it right at the end to save time. Or use it at the beginning to spot out enemies.

When using Octanes jump pad, when it makes the sound if you hold jump, you go 2-3x higher and farther!.

Sorry if this is well known. No one I have told knew about it already. I just found this out the other day and it's a game changer. I've used his pad to jump all the way on top of Air Base with ease using this trick. Best thing is it's not well known so players can't follow you up.

If your Peacekeeper is equipped with a choke, you can charge the shot in ADS and then hip-fire the charged shot like normal.

I just discovered this myself after trying to do this out of random curiosity. It's hardly gamebreaking, but I thought I'd share for the people that don't know, who may prefer firing shotguns via hipfire.